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4 Tips For Designing Effective Packaging

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When you are creating a new product or revamping and old product, you should invest significant time and effort into packaging design. Although the packaging is not as important as the contents, packaging hits or misses can have an impact on the way customers view your brand and influence perceptions of quality. Appeal To Your Audience The type of packaging you choose should be specific to your audience. For example, if your product typically appeals to environmentally conscious customers, so should your packaging. Read More»

What Is Shadow IT, And Why Does It Matter?

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If you run an in-house network, you know that having the right IT service can be immensely helpful. Securing both your machines and your data is extremely important. Unfortunately, well-meaning or negligent employees can sometimes endanger even the best networks by overriding security measures. This is called shadow IT, and it’s quickly becoming a major source of issues in many corporations. In this article, you’ll learn exactly why it’s a problem and how you can better manage it. Read More»